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National Convention Grant Union FFA

The National Convention starts on the 27th of October. Seventeen of our FFA members will be going. In the end, we will be going through four states which are, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. To get there on time, and prior to the convention starting, we will be leaving on the 23rd and flying into Nashville, Tennessee. We will be visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame and going on tours. After that, we will head out for Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the FFA National Convention. Other exciting things we will have the opportunity to do are; attend a concert put on by Brett Young, we will visit museums, and take part in other events. After all of that we will be flying out of Nashville on the 31st. Everyone is super excited for this amazing opportunity and can’t wait until we get there. The students will be accompanied by Mr. Suchorski, Jennifer Carter, and Cori Anderson.


Written by: Abbie